Dating Someone Else With An STD

It is an unfortunate fact that stigma around STDs is still around in our society. Although STDs are merely infections like any other, they do still have a lot of negative associations surrounding them, which can make those who have them feel uncomfortable disclosing their status to new partners for fear of rejection. Dating another person with the same STD can seem like an ideal solution. Someone else in the same position won’t judge you for your infection, and you don’t have to worry about passing the illness on to them.

A Word of Warning

As many STDs have different strains associated with them, particularly HIV and herpes, it is important that you do your research regarding the risk of re-infection, or passing on a different strain of the infection to your partner. Having one STD does not mean you can’t catch another one, and you may even be more susceptible to becoming infected, particularly if the illness you have causes sores or bleeding. Just because your partner has the same STD as you, it doesn’t mean you can necessarily throw away the condoms just yet!

The Benefits Of Dating Someone Else With An STD

Dating someone else with an STD diagnosis has many benefits. From an emotional perspective, dealing with the diagnosis of an STD and living with it on a daily basis often requires a few adjustments, and being with someone who is living the same reality as you can bring a deep level of understanding and security to your relationship. Feeling accepted without question can increase your confidence and self esteem and lead to a higher quality of life.

What If They Have A Different STD?

If your partner has a different STD, it is important to use the same level of precautions as you would if one of you was completely uninfected. Many STDs such as herpes can actually leave sufferers more vulnerable to contracting other infections, particularly HIV and syphilis, and these could lead to longer-term health problems. If your immune system is already compromised, as is the case with those with an HIV positive diagnosis, it is extremely important that you take measures to avoid any kind of infection for the sake of your health.

Online forums are becoming increasingly popular with STD positive people seeking to date others in the same situation, and they can be a great way to meet people, make friends and possibly even find the love of your life. Make sure you protect your personal safety and identity by not revealing personal information about yourself until you are sure you can trust the other person.


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