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Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapies (HAART) For Treating HIV

TThe primary source of the medical battle against aids comes from highly active antiretroviral therapies (HAART) for treating HIV. HAART regimens consist of a number of different drugs, sometimes referred to as a “cocktail,” and serve as powerful defenses against the ways in which the HIV virus attacks the human body. Though these drugs are not able to rid the body of HIV, they can significantly delay the onset of AIDS and can help clients experience better health.

HAART prescriptions are available in a number of different combinations, each of which is most suitable for different stages of the virus, as well as its different strains. As each combination of HAART therapies is associated with different potential dangers and side-effects, clients are most often closely involved in the selection of a treatment regimen. These drugs tend to be effective due to their multiple replications blocking approaches. While the HIV virus is not particularly adept at making improved copies of itself…

Dating With HIV

Being diagnosed with HIV can be an overwhelming experience. One of the issues many HIV positive people wonder about is how and whether they will be able to date or have relationships in the future. Although the idea may seem daunting at first, your HIV status definitely does not have to mean you won’t be able to have happy, healthy and fulfilling relationships in the future. 

As with any health condition which could be passed on to your partner you will need to take a few precautions when you launch into the dating scene.
It is absolutely essential that you inform any future partners of your HIV status before you are sexually intimate. This can be a nerve-wracking experience as you never know how people will react and unfortunately not everyone will respond in a positive or supportive manner. How far into the relationship you disclose is up to you, as long as it is before any sexual contact has taken place. Explain your situation calmly and in a matter of fact way, and giv…