Contacting Previous Partners When You Have An STD

One of the most uncomfortable parts of learning that you have been infected with an STD is the thought of telling your previous partners. If you have found out that you have an STD, it is essential that you inform your previous recent partners so that they can get tested and avoid spreading the infection further.

There are a number of reasons you may not feel comfortable contacting previous partners. Guilt, shame and embarrassment are common reactions to an STD diagnosis, and in addition to this, you may also feel anger towards the person who gave you the infection. If your previous partner was abusive, you may not feel safe getting in contact with them, particularly to tell them something that could cause a volatile reaction.

There are a number of ways you can contact your previous partners to inform them. A quick phone call, text or email is convenient for many people, and in the majority of cases should be enough to motivate them to seek testing. If you would prefer to do it anonymously there are a couple of options available to you.

Get A Third Party To Break The News

In some cases your health practitioner may be willing to inform your previous partners on your behalf. Depending on your area, there may also be online services available who will notify former partners that they may have an STD and direct them to more information and places they can get tested. This can be a good option if you don’t feel safe contacting your exes directly, or are concerned about their potential reaction, although there may be a cost associated with using these services.

Use An Anonymous Email Address

Setting up your own anonymous email address with Gmail or hotmail can be a free and straightforward way to let ex-partners know about their possible STD status without compromising your privacy. Make sure the email address you set up cannot be linked to you. A matter of fact approach is best when breaking the news via email (or any other way). There is no need to go into detail, just state the facts and encourage them to get tested.

However you choose to let your former partners know about your diagnosis, the important thing is that you tell them. Not informing them could lead to long-term health problems for them, and could lead to them infecting others. Once you have advised your former partners of your STD diagnosis, you can hopefully start to move on, come to terms with your diagnosis and get on with your life.


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